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Romania remains ‘on alert’ in contact with NATO and summons Russia’s charge d’affaires over drone fragments

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
10th Sep 23 2:49 pm

The Russian charge d’affaires summoned by Romania’s Foreign Ministry after debris from a Russian drone was found inside their country.

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has said that they are “on alert” and they are speaking with NATO and their allies.

Russia has been bombarding Ukraine with missiles and Iranian Shahed drones blowing up grain stores next to the Romanian border.

The Ukrainian port city of Izmail was under Russian drone strikes overnight on Wednesday last week and a barrage of missiles landed within “800 metres” from Romania’s border.

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Last week Ukraine said that they have photographic evidence a “Shahed” drone was fired by Russia and landed inside Romania’s territory.

President Iohannis said on Wednesday that another round of Russian strikes came “very, very close.”

Iohannis said, “We had attacks just today, the minister of defence told me, which were verified at 800 metres from our border. So very, very close.

On Sunday President Iohannis said a Russian Shahed drone entering Romanian airspace is unacceptable.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry said in a statement sent to Agerpres on Sunday, “…The charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest was urgently summoned on Saturday to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the level of state secretary.

“State Secretary for Strategic Affairs Iulian Fota conveyed the protest of the Romanian side over the violation of Romania’s air space following the identification on (our) territory, near the border with Ukraine, of some drone fragments similar to those used by Russian forces in the aggression against Ukraine.”

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