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Putin could be set to receive ‘millions and millions of munitions’ after ‘begging’ North Korea

by LLB political Reporter
6th Sep 23 4:00 pm

Vladimir Putin is set to meet with the North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un within the month somewhere in Russia to discuss the sale of munitions.

North Korea can “easily share” millions and “millions of munitions” to Putin for his war in Ukraine, a Russian commentator has said.

The commentator said on Russia-1 that North Korea’s munitions will be “very useful” for Putin’s so called “special military operation (SMO),” as they have so much 152mm rounds “shot with a high explosive fragmentation projectile.”

The commentator said on state TV, “Kim Jong-un, we have to be blunt, has millions and millions of such munitions. And he can easily share his stockpile with us, as it is said.

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“This ammunition will be very useful in the course of the special military operation (SMO).”

There is a possibility of using trains to cross from North Korea into the Russian Federation, he added, “If such agreements are reached, there will be no difficulties in delivering these supplies.”

The former British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has mocked Putin as he is “begging” Jong-un for outdated weaponry.

Wallace said, “And this is how it ends Mr Putin… the once mighty Russia scrabbling around looking for friends and begging North Korea for weapons from the 1960s.

It is believed that Jong-un is asking Putin for food aid and advanced high-tech for nuclear powered submarines and satellites.

National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said, “Last month Sergei Shoigu, the Russian defence minister, travelled to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to try to convince Pyongyang to sell artillery ammunition to Russia.

“We have information that Kim Jong Un expects these discussions to continue, to include leader-level diplomatic engagement in Russia.

“We urge the DPRK to cease its arms negotiations with Russia and abide by the public commitments that Pyongyang has made to not provide or sell arms to Russia.”

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