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Sunak committed to 2030 petrol and diesel car ban to ‘transition to net zero’

by LLB staff reporter
31st Jul 23 1:18 pm

The Prime Minister has said the government are committed to the ban of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.

Rishi Sunak has said that the government are committed to the “transition to net zero” in a “proportionate and pragmatic way.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme Sunak said, “That’s about new cars, not all existing cars. So it’s the sale of new cars. That’s been the Government’s policy for a long time. It remains the Government’s policy.

“But what I have said more generally on my approach, is that we will transition to net zero, I’m committed to it, but we will do it in a proportionate and pragmatic way that doesn’t necessarily add burden or cost to families’ bills, particularly at a time when inflation is higher than any of us would have liked.

“And more generally, on motorists, I think actually, this was down recently to the Ulez expansion that your listeners may or may not be familiar about, which I don’t think is the right thing.

“I think at a time when, as I said, families are looking at bills and worried about inflation, adding £12.50 on to their life every time they visit the supermarket or a GP or drop their kids off at football practice does not seem to me to be the right thing to do.”

Energy Minister Andrew Bowie told  told ITV’s Good Morning Britain, “The Prime Minister has been quite clear we are committed to the 2030 target for the phasing out of new petrol or diesel cars, the sale of that.

“That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to drive a petrol diesel car post-2030 but the sale of petrol-diesel cars, we are hoping that our aim is that we will see (it) start from 2030.

“We remain committed to that target. We remain committed to ensuring that more people get access to, are able to buy, are able to drive electric and hybrid cars.”

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