Availability - SLA


UNISPACE strives to maintain as high availability of its public cloud platforms as possible. UNISPACE provides an availability guarantee for external connectivity of at least 99.982% (TIER III uptime) on their availability zones.

If we do not achieve and maintain service levels described in this SLA, you might be eligible for deduction from the next monthly invoice, see section compensation.

Date of version: 2017-10-25

General conditions – Availability SLA


“Platform consumption” Means consumption of IT capacity in UNISPACE public cloud platforms and includes virtual server instances, bare metal machines, storage, compute, network, router.
“Interruption” Means when all active instances in one availability zone is unreachable via external connection or if all storage volumes performs 0 (zero) I/O (input/output) with I/O in queue.
“Scheduled service window” Is not included in Availabilty SLA. This is planned maintenance of our Public cloud platforms. We notify our customers and publish information on www.unispace.io minimum five (5) days before maintenance begins. Critical service windows can however be announced one (1) day before maintenance begins.
“External connection” Means bi directional network traffic via supported protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS that also can be sent and received via Public IP addresses.
“Cloud platforms” Refers to UNISPACE one (1) Public cloud platform Jelastic PaaS.
“Availability zones” Means geographically separated data centers. (UNISPACE has one (1) availability zone that is based in Czech Republic.) Status to 2017-10-25
“Availability” Calculation of monthly up time and availability in percentage = (Total available minutes for actual month – (minus) Interruption in minutes for affected availability zone) / (divided by) Total available minutes for actual month. Sum is multiplied times 100.
“Application Layer” Application Layer means all software including operating system that is running on the virtual server or bare metal machine.
“Control panel” Web or API-based user interface for access to UNISPACE Public cloud platforms.
“Force Majeure” refers to circumstances beyond UNISPACE control that shall be excluded from the SLA guarantee. Examples of force majeure: war, burglary, industrial action, lightning, fire, errors in another operator’s network, denial of service attacks, or other similar circumstances.


UNISPACE uses TIER III datacenter for Cloud Platform services.

UNISPACE guarantees 99.982% (Tier 3 uptime) availability on each availability zone. Maximum compensation for a calendar month is 50% of the total platform consumption for affected availability zone and month when interruption occurred. The compensation can never exceed that amount.


Compensation is based on the total amount of platform consumption for the current month and the affected availability zone.
Monthly availability percentage Compensation
Less than 99.982% but greater than 99.5% 5%
Less than 99.5% but greater than 99% 10%
Less than 99% but greater than 97% 25%
Less than 97% 50%

Compensation is deducted from next month invoice and only towards future platform consumption.


For UNISPACE to consider compensation a claim must be done by contacting UNISPACE support at support@unispace.io no later than 15 days after the month that the claim is refereeing to. The claim should contain all necessary information, including detailed description of the incident as well as information regarding the timing and duration of the outage.


a) This availability SLA is not applicable if the disturbance is caused by improper use from the customer or the application layer (see definitions). In case the customer claims compensation in accordance with this SLA and UNISPACE starts investigating to determine the cause and it turns out that disturbance is caused by customer UNISPACE has the right to charge for hours spent investigating the case.
b) Access to user customer control panel is not included in the availability guarantee.
c) Scheduled service windows are excluded from the availability SLA.
d) Force Majeure.