Containers as a Service

Fast, flexible and simple development in the cloud.

Running Containerized Applications in the Cloud

Easy Deployment

  • Deploy from Public and Private Docker Hub Registries
  • Integration with Git/SVN and CI/CD tools
  • Support of stateful, legacy and microservice applications
  • Zero downtime re-deployment and automated updates
  • Deployment via “compose up” and “docker stack” commands

Automated Scaling

  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling based on load triggers
  • Containers auto-discovering and interlinking during scaling
  • Sticky load balancing and smart traffic distribution
  • Scaling limits for CPU & memory, disk space and I/O usage per container
  • Scalable prepackaged cluster for complex Dockerized applications

Flexible Management

      • Intuitive UI for self-management
      • Advanced configurations through SSH and CLI
      • Interactive file manager, built-in stats, logs and load alerts
      • Configurable links, environment variables and volumes
      • Scripting of repeatable application life cycle tasks
      • Collaboration and access control
      • Automatic hibernation of idle containers

Pre-Installed Kubernetes Components Out-of-the-Box

  • CNI plugin (powered by Weave) for overlay network support
  • Traefik ingress control for transferring HTTP/HTTPS requests to services
  • HELM package manager to auto-install pre-packed solutions from repositories
  • CoreDNS for internal names resolution
  • Dynamic provisioner of persistent volumes
  • Heapster for gathering stats
  • Unispace SSL for protecting ingress network

Pay-per-Use Pricing Plan for Docker

Unispace provides a unique process of automatic scaling with payment based on the real consumption, but not on the server size


The system makes hourly measures how many RAM and CPU inside each container are consumed and requests the payment only for these used resources but not for the limits. You can set up a maximum Scaling Limit for each container, so the resources will be always available in case of load spikes or other consumption changes. No matter how high the limit – the payment will be only based on real usage. The rest of the allocated resources will be just waiting in the pool for the application to request them, and it is totally free of charge.

Benefits of Docker Hosting with Unispace

We never compromise on the pillars of our service

Easy Start

Pre-configured components of Kubernetes and automated installation in several clicks do not require manual intervention

Automatic Scalability

The cluster is designed for automatic vertical and horizontal scaling with auto-discovery of new worker nodes

Multi-Cloud Availability

Gain high availability and low latency distributing workloads across data centers and availability zones of different clouds

Simplified Management

Out-of-box Kubernetes dashboard is complemented with intuitive UI, built-in Web SSH and CLI for more convenient orchestration

Flexible Automation

Integrated DevOps automation within the package can be customized and extended using open API and Cloud Scripting

Cost Efficiency

Pay only for consumed resources benefiting from container density and scalability, as well as pay-per-usage pricing model

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