Unispace is a modern cloud platform.

The Fastest Way run Applications in Cloud


Unispace is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps — we’re the fastest way to go from idea to the URL, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches.

Unispace is the quickest way for a company to become an apps company. Unispace is a service that allows companies to spend their time developing and deploying apps that immediately start producing value.

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Developer – focused

At Unispace, we believe that developers are the most important part of transforming every company into an apps company. That’s why a great developer experience has always been at the very heart of what we do. Unispace understands what adds value to developers and what gets in the way. We move all the mundane tasks out of the way and add features and functionality that delight and inspire developers to do their best work.

Applications – focused

The Unispace Cloud Platform is designed so you can focus on what matters the most: the app. Getting apps out in the wild, in front of real users, and then iterating fast, is what can make or break companies. Unispace Cloud lets companies of all sizes embrace the value of apps, not the hassle of hardware, nor the distraction of servers — virtual or otherwise.

Production – focused

The Unispace Cloud Platform is great for the early part of the app lifecycle, but it really shines when you go into production. Unispace seamlessly supports every step of the app lifecycle — build, run, manage and scale. Growing from prototype to production to high-traffic website is an essential part of every successful business. Keep the momentum going with your website as you don’t need to worry about capacity, reliability or performance.

Unispace on Jelastic PaaS Technology

Jelastic is an international company founded in 2011 headquartered in USA and Spain whose cloud platform is deployed at over 60 hosting service providers in 6 continents. Its software solution provides Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js or Python developers with an easy way to setup application environments and deploy applications quickly. Winner of Duke’s Choice Technology Leader Award: The Java Community’s Oscar – Jelastic helps Hosting providers all over the world to provide high-quality services.

In a synergy with Unispace, we are glad to provide developers and startups in the Czech Republic with the next generation PaaS ensuring scalability for their projects growth, advanced management of containerized applications throughout the lifecycle, hosting within local data center, and support in native language,

Ruslan SynytskyJelastic CEO

One of the biggest challenges in our industry is that businesses are increasingly frustrated with the demand of getting projects from developers' laptops into production to any extent. With Jelastic, our customers can get rid of long deployment time and feel the true state of the art development. We believe in strong partnership with Jelastic and from now we will offer a world class PaaS and CaaS solution from the center of Europe to our clients,

Martin BrendlUnispace CEO